A Louisiana high school football coach and eight of his assistants have been suspended for their team's season and playoffs.

On Wednesday, the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) announced the suspension of Carroll High School's head football coach Brandon Landers after a physical altercation took place during last Thursday's game against Franklin Parish.

Additionally, eight assistants will be sidelined for the remainder of the 2022 football season and playoffs.

Several Carroll High assistant coaches left their spot in the press box during the fourth quarter of last week's contest as the game was in control and the Bulldogs were up 23-0. As they were heading down, shoving in the crowd began and a melee broke out.

Then Landers, followed by some of his assistants, left the sideline and jumped into the home team's stands during the conflict.

“The coaches were trying to come down with the game decided, and I guess they got into it with the fans, and I know the sheriff was up there. And my coaches were shoved,” said Landers after the game. “I’m on the sidelines, so I’m trying to get up there and break everything up. It was a lot of pushing and shoving, but I didn’t see any punches or anything like that.”

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Earlier this week, Franklin Parish Sheriff Kevin Cobb said that arrests would be made this week. (We have yet to hear if this has happened.)

"They were asked numerous times by staff to stop using profanity," Cobb said. "During the fourth quarter, law enforcement went to the press box in order to address the profanity. At that time, I came in contact with Carroll coaches in order to attempt to escort them back to the Carroll sidelines from the Franklin Parish home stands. The coaches began using more profanity, and one coach refused to leave the stands. The coach then initiated physical contact with law enforcement and fans approached to assist law enforcement at that time."

With these suspensions, Carroll is left with six assistant coaches remaining on the staff. Suspended parties will not be allowed to attend practices or coach another game this season.

According to reports, Carroll is expected to appeal the decision by next week.

The Monroe-based Carroll Bulldogs, which competes in 3A, are currently undefeated with a 7-0 record. They have two regular-season games against the Richwood Rams and Union Parish Farmers followed by the playoffs.

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