The Louisiana State Police has confirmed that thieves using devices called "skimmers" may be responsible for ATM data breaches along the I-10 corridor between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Thieves place the skimmers on ATMs that can electronically access cardholders' PIN numbers and account information that can be used to access bank accounts. Dozens of Whitney Bank ATMs have been targeted, in particular. A statement released by Whitney Bank states this is not a breach of the Whitney Bank System. The scheme involves criminals attaching a device to capture debit card numbers and cash and does not compromise customer bank account information.

After some 'on line' activity Saturday Whitney deactivated and is currently reissuing approximately 7,100 debit cards whether the customer account was affected or not.

The Federal Trade Commission is warning customers who think they may have had their bank information compromised to monitor accounts, change PINs and passwords and place fraud alerts on their credit reports.

Customers should examine any ATM or cash machine before using and noting if any outboard device is attached. In that case local police or Whitney Bank should be called at 1-800-844-4450.


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