If you frequent McDonald's you should always ask for a receipt after placing your order.

There are a few reasons as to why you should ask for it, and we will highlight them here.

For starters, if you're order is wrong, you will want to prove what you initially ordered upon returning. The reciept proves that what's in the bag isn't what you hoped for.

And let's face it when you go through a fast food restaurant, you expect to have your order correct and you want fresh food.

McDonald's knows what our expectations are and they too want to make sure that their employees and restaurants are up to par.

McDonalds Q2 Profit Drops 4.5 Percent On Stronger Dollar, Tougher Competition
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So, they like other companies, do send "secret shoppers" into their establishments across the country to monitor their products and employees. With that said, all who work for McDonald's know that secret shoppers are out there and one way to spot them is by receipts.

Yes, the same receipts you and I ask for, secret shoppers do too, and McDonald's employees are aware of that.

So, when you ask for your receipt an employee may think you're a secret shopper, thus you will likely get exceptional service and a fresh order.

So, I challenge you to ask for your receipt the next time you visit McDonald's and see if you are greeted differently and if your order is a bit fresher.

Hey, while we are speaking of McDonald's in a recent study, the fast food chain scored in the Top-3 of all fast food restaurants when it comes to employees getting orders correctly.

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