In what many consider a racially fueled altercation, a non-commissioned officer in the US Army has been arrested after a video of the altercation in South Carolina went viral.


According to a Tweet from David Begnaud, the man arrested is Army Staff Sergeant Jonathon Pentland, 42, stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Fort Jackson is a basic training facility, responsible for training around 50% of all male Army recruits and 60% of all female recruits, according to the AP, and is located just outside of Columbia, S.C.

Though we do not see the initial confrontation, we can witness some of the intimidating and threatening language used by Pentland and get an idea of what was transpiring.

According to some of the comments on the video, the unnamed victim lives in the area, though not in that particular neighborhood. As you can see in the video, Pentland feels that the man is "in the wrong neighborhood". Pentland tells the man to keep walking several times and makes threats if he doesn't leave the area. At one point in the video and (according to the comments) once before the video was rolling, Pentland shoves the man. He was also accused of knocking the man's phone from his hand, cracking it. 

According to the story from the AP, Pentland has been charged with 3rd-degree assault by local authorities, and Pentland's command at Ft. Jackson is looking into the incident, as well.

If convicted, Pentland faces a $300 fine and up to 30 days in jail.

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