If you're not familiar with the concept, politics can sometimes be a contact sport here in the state of Louisiana. Those allegations of physical contact could have the son of a South Louisiana mayor facing assault charges if those allegations are proven to be true. Here's what has been reported so far.

Google Maps/Google Streetview
Google Maps/Google Streetview

The incident is alleged to have taken place at a car wash in Elton Louisiana on Saturday, June 10th. The people involved in the alleged assault include Elton Mayor Kesia Lemoine, her son Marcus, and alleged whistleblower Roderick Williams.

Williams has brought to light allegations that Elton Mayor Kesia Lemoine was elected by fraudulent means. In comments he's made to Lake Charles Television Station KPLC Williams has alleged that there were discrepancies in the voter registration roles in the city of Elton. His allegations prompted an investigation by the Secretary of State's office who actually removed some voters from the rolls in the Town of Elton.

Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin
Credit: Louisiana Public Broadcasting

Williams is also active in a recall movement that seeks to remove Mayor Lemoine from office. He, Williams, alleges that his whistleblowing actions and his participation in the recall effort are what prompted the alleged assault that occurred on June 10th.

Surveillance video from a bystander at the scene and security cameras from the car wash where the incident is alleged to have taken place have been sent to the Jeff Davis Parish District Attorney's Office for review.

Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's Office Vehicles
Facebook via Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's Office

Elton Police were initially handling the case but since it was noted that both the Mayor's son and the Mayor were present when the alleged assault took place, the matter was put in the hands of the Jeff Davis DA's Office and the investigation is now being spearheaded by the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's Department. 

Williams maintains the attack against him was politically motivated. The Lemoines have not issued a statement on the incident or the investigation.

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