It is not uncommon in the political world to have just as many people disliking your actions as those who support your work. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards is finding that out in writing thanks to a petition that is seeking to recall the Governor from his job.

As we told you several weeks ago, a father and son duo from Eunice started the grassroots drive to remove the Governor from office last month. Over the past several weeks that movement has gained a lot of momentum. Especially from residents adversely affected by some of the mandates issued from the Governor's office regarding the coronavirus pandemic and other issues..

In order for the petition to move forward in the recall process organizers will have to acquire the signatures of 600,000 Lousiana residents. Those signatures must be obtained by February of 2021. Once the proper number of signatures has been acquired they will be validated. If the petition is validated by the Secretary of State's office then the recall process will get underway.

Should a recall be called for there would be an election that will be held in March during the primary election scheduled for that time. Should the petition fail another petition can not be filed for at least another 18 months.

It is important to note, that signatures supporting the recall of Governor Edwards must be obtained on the official document. You cannot "sign a binding petition" on Facebook or any other social media site. However, you can find several Facebook groups throughout the state that can direct you to the nearest location where you may officially sign the petition.


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