If you've seen a picture of Ariana Grande at any point in the last four years, there's a 95 percent chance she was wearing thigh-high boots. Like, the girl must own a pair for every imaginable occasion: In the last few months alone, she's been spotted in yellow, metallic, gray, black, tan, and even leopard print. At this point, they're almost as iconic as her signature high pony.

The obsession seems to have started around 2014, and has since just kind of...stuck. Which makes sense, given Grande's comments about style: She recently told Paper magazine that while she's open to experimenting, she always returns to what she likes best.

"I love fashion, but I hate it. Like I think it's really cool and really dope, but then as soon as someone's trying to put me in something weird I'm like, 'Alright relax, calm down, this is extra,'" she told the outlet. "I have my things I love, I have my comfort zone. I think that fashion should be more of a self-expression thing as opposed to a trend thing. To me, when I feel really dope and I have an outfit on that makes me really happy that's so much better."

Here's 61 photos that prove just how much Grande loves her boot-friendly comfort zone.

An Exhaustive Photo Documentation of Ariana Grande's Love for Thigh-High Boots

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