Some in the Mamou area are asking what happened to the American flags they put on or near the graves of loved ones who once served our country.

I was recently contacted by a few parishioners of St. Ann's Catholic Church in regards to U.S. flags disappearing from the gravesites of those who served their country, so I called the church to ask about this.

Fr. Billy Massie told me that the lawn service has been instructed to pick up or remove any flags they see on the grounds due to a "flag competition" at the cemetery.

While the church says that they admire and honor all that have served our country, it has gotten out of hand when it comes to various flags being put on the graves in the cemetery off of Hwy 13 near Mamou.

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While Fr. Massie says he wishes parishioners would have gone to him to address their concerns, some have told me that they have had multiple flags removed from multiple graves in Mamou, without any explanation from the church.

Fr. Massie says during Memorial Day, the church normally lets flags stay out a bit longer, but the grounds crew may have picked them up earlier and faster than they should have.

In Eunice, along Hwy 90, you can see hundreds of American flags honoring U.S. Veterans, and Fr. Massie says it is a beautiful thing.

The cemetery that is the subject of discussion in Mamou is privately owned and flowers are allowed on gravesites.


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