Be careful around dumpsters.

A photo out of a New Orleans neighborhood has been circulating on social media that shows an alligator in a dumpster.

As you can see below, the tail of the alligator is hanging out of the dumpster and the dead animal must have been placed there by someone.

With so many animals on the move during and after Hurricane Ida, we can only assume that the dead animal was disposed of in the dumpster.

Still, that has not stopped many from sharing this photo because after all, you don't see this every day.

I will warn you again if you are returning to areas hit by the hurricane, please proceed with caution. We've had numerous stories of wildlife being displaced by Hurricane Ida.

Here's another shot of the dumpster where the alligator was spotted. Some are reporting on social media that the dumpster is being used for storm debris disposal.

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