Remember when 'Cardi B' gave her best efforts to pronounce Acadiana during a shout-out? Well apparently, Cardi has trouble pronouncing any word related to The Boot - including the name of our great state. Check out Cardi saying "Louisiana" in her hot-sauce taste-test video.

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Last August, DJ Digital got a promotional clip from Cardi B. That clip included Cardi absolutely butchering the pronunciation of Acadiana. Check it out below.

We love Cardi B and appreciated her giving Acadiana her best efforts, but now a clip of the rapper pronouncing Louisiana is going around. Spoiler alert- it isn't any better.

In the clip @iamcardibi is taste-testing Megan Thee Stallion's new sauce from Popeye's. While Cardi B seemed to really enjoyed the Louisiana-style sauce, folks around Twitter got on her right away about her pronunciation of the state.

Our girl @iamcardib had to apologize and let everyone know that it was the hot-sauce's fault.

Some thought Cardi was speaking a different language.

Others were simply dumfounded.

One Twitter user suggested Cardi B had come up with her own language altogether.

Others recognized that Carbi B is of Dominican descent and her accent could be what's throwing people off.

Once again, we love Cardi B no matter her accent or annunciation of words related to our state. Maybe someday she will come perform down here in Acadiana or Louisiana so we can give her that true Cajun experience!

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