It's on the way.

For those who suffer from allergies, you may want to take note of this one.

KATC's Rob Perillo recently highlighted that the "African Dust" or "Saharan Dust" would soon be sweeping across our region and you may notice a slight change in the atmosphere.

The dust will reportedly reach south Louisiana late into the weekend, but with the chance of rain in the forecast, we may not notice it like we would if there was no rain in the forecast.

Usually, when this type of "dust" sweeps across our region you have beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

And yes, for those who suffer from allergies the rain chances this weekend are most certainly welcomed as it may help subside any reactions due to the dust in the air.

One more thing about dust in the atmosphere, this is always a welcome guest into the gulf as we enter Hurricane Season, which starts on June 1.

Here's the timeline of the "African Dust" entering the Gulf of Mexico and then ultimately entering the state of Louisiana.

Here's an additional look at the "Dust Forecast" as we approach the weekend.


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