Check out this adorable 2-year-old cowboy eating boiled crawfish. His family went to Crawfish Time on Ridge Rd in Lafayette for some boiled crawfish and apparently, this little guy couldn’t be happier. Dawson Leblanc is only 2 years old and obviously loves crawfish.  He dips them like a pro too. His parents, Duson and Roz LeBlanc shared this precious video of their little country boy eating the crawfish on the Crawfish Time’s Facebook page and it was too cute not to share.

After reaching out to Dawson's mom about the cute video, I found out a whole lot more than the fact that Dawson loves crawfish. This little boy is also a miracle to his parents.  Roz said for years they tried to have a child. They tried everything from In Vitro Fertilization, Artificial insemination, and even adoption. She said in January of 2017, a miracle happened. Duson and Roz met Chelse and Bobby Breaux. The Breaux’s wanted to donate their embryo that was still remaining from their IVF. Roz said one of her friends heard about it and she connected the couples together. With this beautiful gift, Roz was able to get pregnant and now they have their little miracle, Dawson.

Facebook, Roz LeBlanc
Facebook, Roz LeBlanc

Roz said she and her husband introduced Dawson to crawfish at the early age of 6 months. Duson would smash it for him so he could eat it. Since then, he eats crawfish at least once a week during crawfish season.  This season is the first time they actually gave him more than just a couple of crawfish. She said he just kept asking for more. She said he doesn’t quite know how to peel them himself yet but it won’t be long before he peels them himself.

I asked Roz what other things Dawson likes besides crawfish. She said he loves tractors, horses, his dogs (Blue and Spike), and being outside. Everyone show some love to Dawson, the crawfish eatin’ country cowboy with a personality to light up any room.

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