The Acadiana Mall is making plans to allow its employees to take care of themselves and their personal situation as Hurricane Laura heads our way.

Stores in the mall will be open regular hours today but will have limited hours tomorrow in anticipation of the storm. Normal hours for the Acadiana Mall are 11am - 7pm Monday through Saturday, and 11am - 5pm on Sunday.

The latest track for Hurricane Laura has her coming onshore in the wee hours of Thursday morning, so the mall will be closing early on Wednesday to allow employees to make last-minute preparations for the storm. Wednesday's hours are expected to be 11am - 4pm. The mall will remain closed through Thursday and, tentatively, will reopen on Friday.

Someone close to the situation shared the message that officials at the Acadiana Mall sent to the employees on its list: preparation for Hurricane Laura the mall will open regular hours today. Tomorrow, Wednesday, the mall will be open from 1 am till 4 pm. Remain closed on Thursday and open regular hours on Friday. Please stay safe. - Acadiana Mall


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