In 1960, former President Harry S. Truman visited Abbeville, Louisiana, and the residents of Abbeville gifted him with a stuffed chicken. Not "for the oven" stuffed, rather "for the mantle" stuffed! (I'm serious: right at the 5:00 mark).

This old video, posted to Youtube by Robert Hebert, shows scenes from October 21, 1690, during Abbeville's International Day.

If you are (or your family is) from Abbeville (or anywhere in Vermilion Parish), chances are you'll know someone in this video.

If you've ever been to Abbeville, you'll surely recognize the downtown area (including the courthouse), which hasn't changed that much in the past 60 years.

There's dubbed-in audio, so we don't get to hear President Truman's reaction to receiving a chicken, but I'm certain he was gracious. (A chicken? Really?)

Show this video to anyone you think may have been in Abbeville in 1960 because, with a former president visiting, I'm certain that most people in the area would have made the trip for that experience.

By the way, is that Mr. Roland Broussard (educator) at the 11:44 mark? If so, WE MISS YOU, TIGER!

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