Christmas came early for a young boy in Abbeville, Louisiana.

Several photos of a sanitation worker and a little boy were sent to me after one man gifted a young fan of the big truck he drives each day.

Brittney Griffith tells me that the young boy in the photos here is a huge fan of the large garbage truck and that he waits for it on each collection day.

As you may expect, the young boy has gotten to know the men who drive by his house in the big truck on collection day.

Knowing how much of a fan he is of the truck they drive, one of the sanitation workers recently gave their young fan his very own sanitation truck so that he could have his own "big truck."

The photos of the little boy seem to say it all as you can see the excitement across his face.

The lesson here for all of us is to always appreciate those who are watching us. You never really know the impact you may have on someone and when this man in Abbeville realized how much this little boy admired him and his team, he went a step further to make this young boy's day by gifting him this toy truck.

What a way to go into the holiday season, and to the man in these photos, job well done. Sir, you have raised the bar for many of us in the Acadiana region.

Check out the moment this young boy got his own garbage truck from someone he admires and looks up to.

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