Last night as the Garth Brooks Concert was about to get started, I saw a young man sitting right behind my family, just as cute as all get out, holding a sign that I couldn't really make out.  He was so dang cute.  I had to go over and introduce myself, get his picture and check out his sign.

His name is Hadley Gould from Vinton, Louisiana.  This was his first Garth Brooks concert and maybe his first ever concert period, I failed to ask.  I'm going to put him at about 9-years-old or so.  Think back to when you were that age.  Now imagine seeing Garth Brooks live!  Every concert for the rest of his life, will be judged by that one.

He was with two beautiful ladies, relatives I would imagine.  His dates for the night.  Just wait till he gets older, I have a feeling his family may have to board up the windows of the house to keep the girls out.  These two ladies were lucky to get a date with him while they still can!

Hadley Gould Holding Sign
Townsquare Media, Staff Photo


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