A very special goat named Cooper is missing from the Scott area and the owner is asking for help locating her. According to KATC, Slater Guidry brought home the Nigerian dwarf goat as a gift to his mother on Mother’s Day after she joked that she wanted one. She named the goat Cooper and everyone in the family fell in love with the goat.

Guidry says they have not seen Cooper since Tuesday in the Scott Park area. Guidry says they left Cooper in their fenced-in yard. Later, they noticed the gate was open and Cooper was gone.  Cooper says the family believes someone possibly opened the gate to either play with her or take her, but if she doesn’t know you, she will run.

Guidry says if anyone returns her they will not judge them or accuse them of anything, they will just thank them. The family just wants Cooper home.

Cooper is 15 to 18 pounds and has no horns. She is not used to being outdoors and the family asks that you call 337-852-0950 if you see her.

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