There is a 7-year-old that is the talk of the internet after losing a shoe at the start of a 200-meter race in Omaha, Nebraska and still coming in first. The athletic ability of this young girl is stunning the world. Watching the video will have you cheering and on the edge of your seat, even though you know the outcome.

Talaya Crawford is the daughter of world champion boxer Terence "Bud" Crawford. At the start of a race, the lost her shoe. Thinking quickly, she doubles back, puts it on, then takes off at like a bullet in the wind.

Not only did she catch up to the other racers, but she also passed them up going on to win the race. TMZ Sports was the first to share the video that has now been seen by over 10 million people.

Talaya's amazing comeback is breathtaking. Her own father said on Instagram how much the video of his daughter motivates him.

I just can't stop thinking about my daughter's track meet yesterday. She just doesn't have a clue how much she just motivated me. -Terence "Bud" Crawford

Crawford went on to say that her determination was the definition of not giving up.

One of the Apollo Track Club of Omaha coaches, Shunta Paul, said she yelled to the officials to stop the race because she lost her shoe but just put it on and took off running as fast as she could before anything could be done about the situation.

She hates to lose. -Shunta Paul

Talaya showed the world a lesson in this video... never give up! What she did came naturally to her. She saw the problem, addressed the situation and pushed forward. She wanted to be first, that was her goal and her focus.

Talaya Crawford is a winner!

Whew! That is TENACITY! -@RagingBabe




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