I had to double - check this story to make sure it was real.

The tech site Ars Technica says that 65 year - old Jennifer Youngman, a native of The Plain, Virginia, was cleaning her shotguns when she heard encountered a drone on her property.

Youngman first noticed something was amiss when she passed two men putting up a card table on the side of the road she used to get home from church. While she was cleaning her two shotguns, one a .410 bore and the other a 20 - gauge, she heard the buzzing of the drone. Youngman told the Fauquier Times

“This drone disappeared over the trees and I was cleaning away, there must have been a five- or six-minute lapse, and I heard the ‘bzzzzz,’" she said, noting that she specifically used 7.5 birdshot. “I loaded my [20-gauge] shotgun and took the safety off, and this thing came flying over my trees. I don’t know if they lost command or if they didn’t have good command, but the wind had picked up. It came over my airspace, 25 or 30 feet above my trees, and hovered for a second. I blasted it to smithereens.”

The two men Youngman saw earlier approached her property, and she promptly told them the police were on the way. Other similar occurrences are happening with drones across the country. There is currently no law regarding aerial trespass, but authorities encourage drone users to talk to the people living where they plan to fly their drones before doing so.

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