You may remember a story a few weeks ago about Noam Naquin and his family starting a little business called “Kiki’s Juice Box”.  Juicing freshly picked oranges with their grandpa was something the family enjoyed doing together so that led to the start of a small family business that is completely operated by the six year old, Noam.  Kiki’s Juice Box did something really unique for Valentine’s Day. Before we get to that, here’s a brief summary of how they got started and what they offer.

It all started on New Year’s Day when they set up a juice stand in their front yard. It was so successful that they decided to to move Kiki’s Juice Box downtown at a friend’s breakfast pop-up, according to Noam’s mom, Jenee Naquin. They sold almost 100 bottles of juice for $4 a piece during that first downtown event. Here is the best part of all. Noam isn’t profiting from that money. Every penny is donated to a non-profit organization called ‘Right 2 Thrive’, who’s mission is to educate children and adults in poverty-stricken areas around the world how to use what they have to thrive.

The young entrepreneur decided to put a new twist on the product he sells for Valentine’s Day. Noam was out in the cold on Jefferson Street selling fresh fruit juice on Sunday. But, because it was Valentine’s Day, he decided to sell ‘Bloody Valentines’ or blood orange juice out of his Kiki’s Juice Box pop-up shop.  He also added chocolate covered oranges to the menu for the special day.

With Noam's opportunity, he can take that money and give it to other children who were not just born with the same opportunity. So far, he has made two donations and we're looking forward to donating more after our Valentine's Day pop up.  – Jenee, Noam’s mom

According to KATC, after picking fresh oranges with their grandpa, they take the oranges home where Noam begins the juicing process in the kitchen. Jenee, his mom, makes the labels that are placed on the bottles to sell. Noam’s dad said he has the most important role, the janitorial service. Arie Dolegowski, Noam’s dad, says he cleans up and takes all of the oranges out to the compost pile.


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