Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week and this year more than ever, our teachers needed to feel the love. With the coronavirus pandemic causing a Stay-At-Home order, Louisiana schools were closed. The sad part is that it was at the end of the school year so our teachers and students didn’t have the chance to say goodbye. Through it all, there was so much creativity for showing the love and spreading joy, either by social media or a drive-by.

Southside High School Facebook
Southside High School Facebook

The administrators at Southside High School in Youngsville closed out Teacher Appreciation Week with a video that is worth locking in the vault for safekeeping. The administrative staff created a masterpiece that was perfectly choreographed to show appreciation to their teachers.

The video was posted on the Southside High School Facebook page. Teachers, Billy Hochkeppel and Tiffany Poirrier, wrote the lyrics and produced the video. And I must say, they did a fantastic job. It’s their version of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby”, showing love to the school by titling it “Sharks Sharks Baby”. I think Vanilla Ice would approve. There are some rap parts in there that are pretty impressive.

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