For some reason, most of us are drawn to sharks.

Sure, we don't want to be in the water while they may be lurking, but a lot of us are just drawn into the life of sharks.

After all, a television network has devoted an entire week to the discovery of sharks and how they navigate through some of the deepest parts of Earth.

With all of that said, did you know that you can track sharks as they navigate through the Gulf of Mexico?

Cage Diving With Great White Sharks In South Africa
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A nonprofit organization called OCEARCH conducts research on sharks and collects samples from them, like blood and tissue.

Thereafter the sharks that are part of the research are tagged and then released back into the waters. From there researchers with OCEARCH track their movements and you can too.

For various reasons, we have seen more sharks approach the shore this summer along the gulf coast and this one website could provide you and others with the whereabouts of some of the larger sharks in the gulf.

To track your favorite large shark, simply visit OCEARCH and see where it has been and where it may be heading.

What's really fascinating about this site is that you aren't just limited to the gulf, you can track sharks along any coast of the country.

So, remember when you're in their environment, the water, always be aware of your surroundings.

They're out there.


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