I know, most of us don't speak "science". But don't worry, this article isn't so much about science as it is about improving the quality of your life. The science part just seems to back up the actions with a modicum of proof.


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    It's one of the most fulfilling things a person can do. It is the act of forgiving. Harboring ill will toward another person often deteriorates our own ability to find happiness. Even though it's hard, forgiving others who have wronged you has been proven to lower levels of anxiety, depression, and decrease the severity of other ailments.

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    Travel To A Foreign Land

    There is nothing like seeing the rest of the world to make you appreciate the world that you already have. Those who travel abroad have a distinct change in perspective. Quite often that change in attitude can make a huge difference in how you view yourself and the world around you.

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    Drink Coffee

    This one seems to vacillate from good to bad about every four or five years. As of right now, researchers believe drinking at least 8 or more cups of coffee a day can help you live longer. According to the research the coffee can be decaf, instant, or brewed, regardless it's all good for you.

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    Prioritize Relationships

    On Facebook they are called friends, in reality, they are people you may or may not know but for some reason, you feel inclined to be a part of their world. Even though their world drives you crazy. Find out who your real friends are and let those casual and not so casual acquaintances take a lower priority in your life.

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    Get Physically Stronger

    It sounds like they are recommending exercise and they are. Just remember the idea is to get yourself stronger, not to make you the strongest person on the planet. You don't need a gym membership to get stronger. All you need to do is be more physically active. Trust me you'll have the time after you ditch those unwanted "friends" on Facebook.

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