Remember the sweet kindergarteners that went viral a few weeks ago because of their sweet uplifting messages?
Well, another group of children are getting attention for having the same idea. This time it is a group of fifth-graders from Indiana. These fifth graders are trying to spread joy one caller at a time.

If you are needing an uplifting word, a quick joke, or maybe you just need to hear a few fun facts then you need to call 574-832-4965.

"The world is really chaotic, it's kind of dark," said Van Laeken. "On the news, it's kind of hard to find a good news story to share with kids right now. I teach my kids to be positive and do good things for other people and this just seems like a really easy way to get my kids thinking about others."

Mrs. Van Laeken and her class hope that this is just what the world needs right now.
One of the many jokes featured on the hotline is, "What does a bee brush his hair with? a honeycomb." Something as simple as this one-line joke can bring a smile to someone's face and that is what this hotline is all about.

"As much as adults feel the negative things happening in the world, the kids feel them just as much if not more sometimes," said Van Laeken. "You're right they haven't been in school, or if they've been in school they've been in quarantined or wearing masks or their friend was there one day and not there for 14 days. So It's so important to teach kids that there are good things happening in the world and they could be part of it."

Little Kids Laughing
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But this class isn't stopping there.

"I have families in my class whose parents don't speak English," said Van Laeken. "So when we were talking about putting this together, a couple of my boys were like well I want to do this but my mom wouldn't understand what we're saying."

So the children decided to also record the messages in Spanish as well so that they could reach even more people.
This hotline is so popular that the children are already working on new material so that they can update the hotline and keep it current and new.


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