One young man on social media is standing up for what he believes in and urging others to join in on his fight through a powerful video. Maybe, just maybe, this young man will be the catalyst to finally end the many years of misery for students everywhere.

While his battle may be treacherous, it is a noble one that kids everywhere have shied away from for centuries.

"They do this to bother you"

Instagram via @chase_man2littt
Instagram via @chase_man2littt

"All us kids, put your hand up"

Yes, brave young Chase is sending out the rally cry to young people everywhere to finally take a stand against the tyrannical teachers that have so terribly terrorized their students for so many years.

Before I get into too much detail, see the video for yourself posted by @chase_man2littt on Instagram below.

Now, this video was posted back in August but it first caught my eye when it recently went viral on Twitter via @teefromtx below.

Some on Twitter understood Chase's struggle.

Many supported Chase and his mission.

Chase has his own YouTube channel and while he only has a couple of videos uploaded as of now, he may be someone to keep an eye on in coming years. He is clearly a kid that gets it.

Keep up the good fight, Chase. If the for some unforeseen reason you do not succeed in your battle against the evils of homework - remember to keep letting that personality shine!

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