Spring is here and it's out with clutter, in with organization.

Don't you just love spring? The temperatures are warmer, the sun likes to make more appearances, and you find yourself outside more often. However, your home is looking and feeling a little dingy and cramped. Time to freshen things up! Step one is opening up those blinds to let the (hopefully) shining sun in. Step two is throwing out some key items you no longer need, use or what to look at anymore.

Here are five things you should toss as a part of your spring cleaning:

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1. Worn Things

Anything that looks like it's been through the ringer should go. This includes clothes with holes in them, sheets that are dingy, or even towels that have lost their absorbency. Try not to get over-sentimental about things. If it's an old hoodie from senior year that you just can't part with, maybe keep it in a designated place in your closet. Otherwise, stop saying, "it's not that bad" or "I'll get a new one soon." Take this as an opportunity to go out with the old and in with the new.

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2. Dated Things

I get it. Old cards and invitations are loaded with sentimental value. They stir up wonderful memories. Maybe you can organize these in a scrap book or file them away in storage. But let's be honest, they're not doing anyone any favors taking up space on your refrigerator or cluttering up your mantel. There are other ways to savor the memories.

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3. Expired Things

Believe it or not, your makeup has a shelf life. Most products come with a label that tells you how many months you have to use the product before it is passed it's prime. This is generally 12-24 months. After that, get rid of it. Not only could it irritate your skin, but old makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria and ain't nobody got time for that. And while you're at it, wash or replace your brushes and sponges. Oh, and toss out any old medications, medicine, or vitamins. You're just asking for trouble if you ingest that stuff.

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4. Mismatched Things

One of the best things I did for my sanity was toss out all of my old hangers. I invested in matching velvet hangers that not only give me more space in my closet, but they also make me feel like a real adult. And that's liberating! Something as simple as finding matching hangers will help you stay organized, but it will also make you evaluate what's in your closet. If something doesn't live up to the standard of the hanger, donate it.

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5. Used Things

You know what I'm talking about. The things that you started, but never finished. This is anything that was easily replaced with your new obsession. Things like ChapStick, shampoo and conditioner, moisturizer... basically anything you can find underneath the sink in your bathroom. You're not going to finish it so toss it. The biggest offenders on this list are candles. How many of you have started a candle only to get sick of it halfway through and it's now been exiled to the "candle cabinet"?

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