Assuming you don't enjoy watching the two people we are somehow stuck with as presidential candidates sling mud at each other, here are 5 other things to do that are much more fun.

  • UIG via Getty Images
    UIG via Getty Images

    Trim Your Nails

    Finger or toes, or if you're really feeling wild, why not both?

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Change The Fishbowl Water

    You keep putting if off, but c'mon. Fin or Mr. Bubbles deserves clean water. Here's a guide to how often you should change the water in your fish bowl or tank.

  • Retrofile/Getty Images
    Retrofile/Getty Images

    Have A "Not Watching The Debate" Party

    I know you have to work tomorrow, but the weather is too awesome to not have a party. Fire up the grill, get some friends over, and celebrate not subjecting yourself to the torture that is the debate. I'll bring the 7 layer dip.

  • Chris Meaux, Townsquare Media
    Chris Meaux, Townsquare Media

    Watch My Videos Or Listen To My Podcast

    You can listen to my comedy and pop culture podcast, The Big Sheaux with Chris Meaux, or watch my occasionally-funny videos on Big Sheaux Videaux, my YouTube channel. Why not do both? I guarantee a 30% chance of having more fun than you would watching the debate.

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    Watch Paint Dry

    You probably have a few cans of paint in the garage, maybe the attic. Touch up a few areas around the house, pour yourself an adult beverage, and already you're having more fun than you would watching the debate. No paint? No worries. The video below is 10 hours of paint drying. You're welcome!

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