There will be a line of 42 satellites visible to the naked eye later this week, weather permitting (and it appears that the weather will permit!).

SpaceX's Skylink Satellites will be zooming through the skies of Acadiana around 8:30 on Wednesday evening. A line of 42 satellites. 42!!!

Rob Perillo, Chief Meteorologist for KATC TV3, says that conditions should be favorable for viewing on Wednesday.

Skies should be clear Wednesday evening and, since the first satellite will be coming into view about an hour after sunset, temps in Acadiana should be in the lower 70s. Look into the E/NE sky, at about 15 degrees over the horizon and you should be able to see them. - Rob Perillo, KATC TV3

In other words, if you are facing North (the rising moon should be on your right), turn your head slightly right, and hold one arm straight out while giving the "thumbs-up". Then, hold the other arm out with another "thumbs-up" stacked on the first. That should give you about 15-20 degrees above the horizon, right about the area to start scanning for the birds.  Once they appear, they will be traveling towards the moon.

Townsquare Media photo by John Falcon
Townsquare Media photo by John Falcon

According to Wikipedia, the Starlink system is a formation of satellites created to provide satellite internet access to underserved areas. The plan for the satellites provides for a quite interesting read.


I, for one, am grateful for scientists, because if I would see these things moving across the sky and not know why I'd be certain that we were being watched by little green beings!

You can follow this link to find where the satellites will be visible in YOUR sky. Just give the website your location information and Google Maps will do the rest. Really, keep the website handy: it shows when many space objects will be visible to YOUR eye, in YOUR location. Very cool!



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