We are learning more about a police pursuit from a few days ago in Baton Rouge.

As we previously reported here, Louisiana State Police attempted to stop a Chevrolet Suburban in West Baton Rouge Parish around 10:02 p.m. Thursday.

When the pursuit put too many others (citizens and other drivers) in danger, State Police called off their pursuit of the vehicle near Downtown Baton Rouge.

Well, police found the vehicle that they were pursuing crashed into another vehicle on I-10 East near the Washington St. Exit.

When police confronted the driver of the vehicle, who was 52-year-old Jose Reza-Navarro of Spring, Texas, he was shot and killed. The shooting by the officer is under investigation.

Since then, State Police have obtained a search warrant for the vehicle they were pursuing and they reportedly found 250 pounds of suspected cocaine in the vehicle.

The estimated value of the drugs found in the suburban is $2.5 million.

No officer was injured in this chase or shooting near Baton Rouge.


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