Women are having 'Mamm Parties' and men aren't invited.  This takes breast health to a new level.

Cocktails and a mammogram, yup!  There is a new trend that's being labeled 'Mamm Parties' where women get together at medical clinics to enjoy wine, snacks, spa treatments- and a mammogram.  It’s a great way to take some of the fear and anxiety out of the procedure, while also encouraging women to get the potentially life-saving test.

I guess it's like the 'Painting With A Twist' concept, just different.  If this is what it takes for women to get mammograms to stay healthy, then by all means, clinics in every city should embrace the concept.

October was Breast Cancer Awareness month, and every year Debbie Ray from the KTDY morning show hosts a promotional campaign to help women of the Acadiana area receive complementary mammograms while receiving a few other goodies too.

Cheers to saving the Ta Tas!