As October winds down, I want to pester you once again... if your doctor says it's time for a mammogram, please get it done. At KTDY we made a day of it with the Mammosine, inviting winners to join us and giving away 'boobie prizes.' But you can do your own version- make it a tradition with a friend- and go get your mammies grammed, then have lunch and be grateful that this type of simple exam is available to help save lives. If you can't work it out to go with a friend, go alone, then treat yourself to an ice cream cone or some new shoes or some other indulgence and celebrate that you did it. Someday, it won't be necessary, but for now, we girls are all in this together- one squish at a time!

Thanks so much to Ashley, Katie, Tina, Rhoda and Bernie for making it so enjoyable and to Lourdes Imaging Network (especially Dawn & Dawn), Limousines Limited, Petroleum Club, Guilbeau's Thrifty Way Pharmacy, Pink Paparatzi, Great Escape and Loco for making it possible!