Summer's over, it's almost Labor Day and Halloween will be here before you can say "BOO!" Costumes we think will be hot this year include Lady Gaga, X-Men and the New Orleans Saints. Whether you're digging in Grandma's attic or shopping for the newest, coolest packaged ensemble, we wish you happy hunting! Here are some of the best places in Lafayette to find your Halloween 2011 costume.

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    Crystal Cottage

    4607 Johnston St.

    Always the place to find fun attire and accessories for every holiday!

    Dave J. Hogan/Getty Images Entertainment
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    Old Vogue

    422 Jefferson St.

    Where we get our outfits for the Polyester Power Hour every year! They don't sell costumes, but they have a huge assortment of great pieces to rent.

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    Spirit Store

    4525 Johnston Street

    Seasonal spot in the Grand Marche Shopping center that specializes in Halloween.
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    3803 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy

    If you're creative and want to be truly unique, this is the place for you. Loads of treasures here!
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    They even have costumes for pets!