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‘Swing the Mood’ Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers [VIDEO]
'Swing the Mood' by Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers is a song Debbie Ray and I play occasionally on the Polyester Power Hour on Friday mornings.  Without fail, every time we play it, we get calls and emails wanting to know the name and artist.
Cat Dances To PPH!!
I thought that this was perfect!!  A cat listening to the Polyester Power Hour!
(Via Reddit)
The Squeaky Chair and the Polyester Power Hour
Ever wonder what goes on in our studio during the Polyester Power Hour? This is what it sounds like from where I sit when CJ is jamming in his squeaky chair. You'll notice he has on his headphones so he can't hear it squeaking!
Click through, then on the green arrow to hear it...
‘Marie Laveau’ One Of The Most Requested Songs [VIDEO]
One of the most requested songs on the Halloween edition of the Polyester Power Hour and on Friday the 13th is 'Marie Laveau' by Bobby Bare.  It is a great song about a woman who lived down in the swamps of Louisiana named Marie Laveau.  Over the years she has been labeled a witc…
Friday The 13th Polyester Power Hour [VIDEOS]
Friday, April 13th,  CJ and Debbie Ray turn the morning show into a Friday the 13th Polyester Power.  CJ and Deb will cast the spotlight on songs with a superstitious, mysterious, Marie Laveau like feel.
Special Mardi Gras Day Edition of the Polyester Power Hour
On Tuesday, February 21, CJ and Debbie Ray will bring you a special Mardi Gras edition of the Polyester Power Hour! Live from Lafayette, all your Mardi Gras favorites and the best of the Old School  hits you love to dance to! Mardi Gras day from 6:00am- 12 noon...
Polyester Power Hour Party is Tonight!
Are you ready? We are!
Doors fly open tonight at 8pm at NiteTown!
Krossfyre on stage!
Thanks to Moss Motors, Jingles the Clown, Kenny Champagne Photography, AVI, Choplin's Seafood, Great Escape Water Massage, Celebrations, and Hebert's Automotive...

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