The Polyester Power Hour is On The Air!  This show started off as a one hour feature on Fridays and exploded in popularity. Because of it's success in such a short time, the show was expanded to consume most of the 'CJ and Debbie Ray in the Morning', morning show.  The Polyester Power Hour is an all request show spotlighting '70s and '80s music.

'It was my brain child and many thought it would never work", said CJ, co-host of the KTDY morning show.  "It has turned into a Friday morning tradition in Acadiana.  The Poly Po Ho is my favorite part of the work week.  It energizes me.  I always say, if I ever stop feeling the music, it'll be time to go".

Music can soothe the savage beast.  It can also bring out the beast even in the most meek people on Earth.  The Polyester Power hour embraces the music that made and continues to make the world a happier place.  Hear it at 99.9 FM KTDY and at Friday mornings starting at 6:30.