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Meet Drew Brees and Matthew McConaughey in NOLA
Got this message from Drew Brees (actually it was on facebook- I just like to pretend he messaged me...)
"Hey Who Dats! j.k. livin and the Brees Dream Foundation need your support to raise money for special programs in the New Orleans area...
So Matthew McConaughey Looks Like This Now
Just a few short months ago, most of the undersexed women in America put down their tattered copies of overrated soccer mom porn (aka 'Fifty Shades of Grey') and lined up together to see Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum and some other hotties shake their smokin’ groove thangs in the movie ‘Magic …
Survey: Jennifer Lopez Has Perfect Legs and Bottom
The Nutrisystem Diet Index asked Americans what they consider to be physical perfection, they agreed it was combination of Jennifer Lopez's legs and bottom, First Lady Michelle Obama's arms and Jessica Alba's abs.
Keep reading to see whose body parts make up the perfect man.

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