B.O. and bad breath is something nearly everyone can relate to once in a while, but the blinding glitz and glamor of Hollywood can sometimes make us believe that celebrities are the pinnacle of perfect hygiene and always smell like roses. But that's not always the case — they're human too, after all.

Listen, everybody sweats — and when the lights are hot on the red carpet or emotions are running high on set, yes, even our perfect celebrities perspire, including the more all-natural health-minded stars who don't wear typical deodorant... or any antiperspirant at all, for that matter.

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Some stars allegedly just don't have time in their busy schedules to shower as often as they'd like, while others use overly pungent perfumes and oils, or no fragrance at all. Meanwhile, bad breath, whether caused by cigarettes, dental issues or eating and drinking, can certainly impact more intimate scenes among co-stars, halting an onscreen kiss before lips ever lock.

Even A-list stars have been accused of offending others' olfactory senses. Stars such as Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson and Johnny Depp have all been allegedly accused of offending their co-stars and crew members with their supposed poor hygiene habits. Hilariously, and perhaps ironically, all three leading men have served as brand ambassadors for various expensive, designer colognes.

Celebrities Who Supposedly Smell Bad

Find out which stars have been allegedly accused of offending others' olfactory senses.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Reichard

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