A List Of Body Aches And At What Age They Start
You hear older people talk about how their bodies start to ache as they get older. How even something as simple as a weather change can cause pain. A new study has determined the age in which certain body parts start to hurt.
Playboy To Drop Nude Photos In Magazine
Pointing to business challenges, Playboy founder and Editor-In-Chief, Hugh Hefner, announced the magazine would stop printing nude photos. The magazine will apparently move toward "Instagram style" photos instead of the racy centerfolds.
The New York Times details the move that…
Doing This 30 Minutes Before A Meal Will Help You Lose Weight
As we go into the holiday eating season, wouldn't it be nice to have a way to lose weight without spending a ton of money, working out like a maniac or dieting? The University of Birmingham in England has found a way for you to drop 10 pounds in no time.
Why You Should Never Make Your Bed
Your bed can be a bad place for you. No matter how expensive your bedding or how much you paid for the mattress, your bed is not as great a place as you think.

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