Fry Tempura Style At Home [VIDEO]
Have you ever ordered tempura style fried seafood or vegetables at a restaurant and wondered how they did it?  After searching the web, this appears to be the best, most authentic and easiest way to fry tempura style at home.
Japanese Pepsi Could Actually Make You Skinnier
First there was soda, carbonated sugar water that was sure to expand your waistline. Then there was "diet" soda, which didn't add any calories to the equation but was sweetened with chemicals that may not be so great for you.
Now, in Japan, there is something called Pepsi Special. This drin…
Mini-Burgers From Kracie: Weirdness From Japan [Video]
Okay, I only say that its weird; I haven't tried any of these 'treats'.  I am guessing that I am adventurous enough to do so, though.
A quick search for 'Kracie Happy Kitchen' on Google brings up Do-It-Yourself soft cookies, doughnuts, cupcakes, hamburgers and sushi cand…
Lady Gaga Target Of Lawsuit
A Class-Action lawsuit has been filed against Lady Gaga, alleging she improperly profited from the sale of her "We Pray For Japan" bracelets.
U2, Bieber, Bon Jovi For Japan
(By: Mark Metcalfe Getty Images Entertainment )
 JUSTIN BIEBER and U2 will appear on a new charity album to benefit Japan's earthquake and tsunami victims. Universal Music hopes to have it out by the end of the week so it'll be a digital-only release. The full …
Rob’s Take on the Radiation Threat in Japan
This was taken, with permission, from Rob Perillo's post today on Facebook.  Rob is the Chief Meteorologist for KATC TV3, and he was once employed at a (you guessed it!!) nuclear plant.  Here is his view on the situation in Japan...
I have received a number of phone calls, emails, tweets and Facebook…
Gaga For Japan
Lady Gaga has reportedly raised over $ 250,000.00 for Japanese tsunami relief since Monday by selling wristbands online.
"It's important we help."
Gaga launched the white wristbands with their prayerful message written in red in English and Japanese, via a Twitter message o…
Eastwood Movie Dropped In Japan
Clint Eastwood's latest film, which features scenes from the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, will not continue its run in Japanese cinemas after the tragic events of last week, reports Bbc News.

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