It seems to me that everything we do nowadays has to be done on the computer. We used to write letters, now we email. We used to call our friends on the phone, now we text or tweet. We used to read the newspaper or a magazine, now it's all online. I don't know about you, but my hand is getting pretty worn out from all that clicking! That's why I decided to try out a new mouse. I ordered an Evoluent Vertical Mouse (on the internet, of course- requiring more clicking to shop for it) and it just came in.

This thing is pretty amazing (it should be for $100!) It's connected via Bluetooth and it has five buttons and a wheel. The buttons can be programmed for different functions: left click, right click, forward, back, screen shot, copy, paste, etc. I'm going to play with it this weekend and report back on whether or not my fingers, wrist, hand, arm, shoulder, etc. feel any better! If you have one, please let me know how use it in the Comments section below. Thanks.