Like most viral crazes, there is a point where we just pack it up and move on to the next thing. This zebra just shut down the "Running Man Challenge."

There seems to be a checklist for these viral internet things (planking, harlem shake, ice bucket challenge, etc.).

First, the concept begins from a relatively unknown source, usually in a dorm room or at some residence in middle america shot with your everyday unprofessional amateur video recording device.

Then, the concept begins to go viral.

Eventually a celebrity or an athlete will catch wind, and do their own video causing it to catch real internet fire.

The snowball effect begins and soon it totally takes over your news feeds and timelines.

Eventually, your mom asks you if you heard about it.

Then of course, there is the obligatory 'Ellen' appearance which usually marks the beginning of the end—but not before one last cute video appears, and it seems that with the arrival of this zebra video we are witnessing the final hoorah for the Running Man Challenge.

I still say the real running man was better.

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