I know you see this too, people who mow their yards but will NOT mow their ditches.  To me, mowing the yard is just a waste of time then.  I can't see your yard or your house because of the 6 feet of grass in your ditch forming the world's ugliest curtain in front of your house, so why even bother cutting any of it?

Single moms and folks with disabilities excluded, property owners, CUT YOUR DITCHES.  You and I both know that if you wait on the city, parish or state to do it, you might get it cut twice a year if you're lucky.

Sure it'll take you an extra 15 minutes, but just think of how much better your yard and the area around your home will look.  Take pride in your home and invest in the neighborhood, when you mow your yard, also mow that eyesore of a jungle in your ditch.  And we all thank you.


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