If you own a dog it could make you a quick $20,000.

Busch is looking to hire someone's pet as its Chief Tasting Officer for their Dog Brew. Of course, the beer is non-alcoholic and the beer has been around for nearly a year.

So what comes with this title you ask, well The Chief Tasting Officer will have to taste new flavors for the Dog Brew beverage line. Yes, your pet would be getting paid to sample new flavors of non-alcoholic beer.

I assume that a team of professionals with Busch will watch the dog's reaction to the new flavors and that will be the determining factor.

To nominate your pet for this gig all that you have to do is post a video or photo of your dog on social media using #BuschCTOcontes. You will need to also include the term "entry" in your post and explain why your pet is fit for this job.

According to Busch, this contest runs through April 28 and the winner will be chosen by a panel of judges that will consider creativity, originality, and relevance.

Good luck and we hope that your cutie wins this contest for many reasons!


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