(KATC) Youngsville, the fastest growing city in Louisiana is upping the game yet again. The city continues on the path of excellence. Officials announced Monday that the city, which has over doubled in size since 2010, has been awarded 8.5 million dollars from the Louisiana Department of Health's Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund Program.

The funds will allow the citizens of Youngsville exceptional drinking water in the coming years.

A 500-gallon-per-minute well will access water far below the ground surface (750 feet) where more pure freshwater is found. The good-quality freshwater will then be pumped to the surface and treated in a new water treatment facility near the Sports Complex. Current speculation is that the treatment facility will be located on Iberia Street.

The new treatment facility will allow customers in Youngsville to be added to the current 400 plus residents now being served. At least 1500 more homes will be added after the new improvements are made.

According to KATC, Project Engineer Susan Richard of Domingue, Szabo & Associates, Inc. the new water treatment system is just what the growing community of Youngsville needs at this time.

This funding is allowing the City of Youngsville to improve the quality of drinking water that it provides and expand its capacity to meet the growing demand on the southside of the city. -Project Engineer Susan Richard of Dominque, Szabo & Associates, Inc

Improving the quality of life for its citizens is just one reason why Youngsville continues to grow faster than any other Louisiana city.

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