If you speak to anyone that responds to emergency calls they will tell you that no call is ever taken lightly.

Those who respond to emergency calls in our community know that when they are called out, someone is in trouble and needs help right away. Sure, some calls may not be as extreme as others but never do responders not take calls seriously.

Recently, the Youngsville Fire Dept. was called out to a residence because someone had quit breathing and upon arrival, they knew that they had to perform life-saving techniques.

According to the Youngsville Fire Dept., Capt. Austin Shotwell & FF. Tracy Latiolais made their way into the house where they found a man on the floor was not breathing. CPR was administered until paramedics arrived and the man was ultimately taken to a local hospital.

Youngsville FD
Youngsville FD

The quick decisions made by these two firefighters saved the man's life and their actions proved once again that the Youngsville Fire Dept. is committed to serving all within their community.

Capt. Austin Shotwell & FF. Tracy Latiolais was awarded this prestigious award while members of Acadian Ambulance and Mayor Ken Ritter were in attendance at a Youngsville Fire Station.

We salute and thank all first responders in Acadiana for serving and protecting our communities. What's the saying, "Not all heroes wear capes."


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