Hunting in South Louisiana may deliver many surprises.

If you ever speak to anyone who has been out in the woods or on the water in Louisiana chances are they have more than just one story to tell you.

Some stories may seem farfetched, while others will have even you saying, "Wow, that's cool."

Well, one South Louisiana hunter may have a story worth telling and he even has photos to support what he says he saw while out on a duck or goose hunt.

Bobby Boudreaux shared a few photos on social media while out on a hunt and he says that a pink flamingo was in the water where he was hunting. Boudreaux says that he took two separate photos to show that the bird was real.

In one photo you see the pink bird standing in the shallow water, and then in another photo, you can see that the bird has turned its head. He says he took the two photos to prove that this was not a decoy or fake bird placed in the water.

Bobby Boudreaux
Bobby Boudreaux

After posting these photos, others started to comment under the photos on social media and report their sightings. One person says that he's seen flamingos around Grand Isle.

Flamingos are not prevalent in the Louisiana outdoors, they are often seen in places like Africa, South America, and the Caribbean Islands.

Still, I do not doubt that they are here and I truly believe that these photos are accurate, and so too are the stories from others who have reportedly seen them while out in South Louisiana.

Have you ever seen Flamingos out in the wild, here in Louisiana? If so, share your personal story with us in the comment section on the social media page that linked you to this story.


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