Getting Christmas presents delivered straight to your door is very convenient unless you have to worry about porch pirates in Louisiana. Here's what you can do to thwart thieves.

Who doesn't love the convenience of having things delivered to your home? It's a wonderful way to save time unless someone unscrupulous decides to save money on their end by stealing your stuff.

If you're like me, and you adore the Christmas season, you love buying gifts for your family and friends. The season is stressful enough without having to replace your gifts because thieves decided to target your house to steal packages. Don't become a victim.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
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Whether you are ordering online from a local retailer or a national retailer, most companies that are shipping your goods have a way for you to track your package. Make sure you make a note of what service will be delivering your goods to your home.

Take advantage of the tracking services to see how your packages are progressing through the delivery process. When you know the package is going to be delivered, even if you can't be home, you can do things to make sure those packages don't disappear.

Another great feature of shopping online is that often the retailer will let you know exactly when and where your items are so you aren't left in the dark to wonder when you have to pay attention to delivery days and times. Take advantage of all of these features.

Tips to Avoid Sneaky & Unscrupulous Porch Pirates from Raiding Your Porch


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