When duty calls...

Our friend George Favaloro witnessed something tonight in Youngsville that made me take a moment and reflect on a few things.

As Favaloro arrived at a restaurant in Youngsville to pick up dinner for his family, two Youngsville firefighters rushed out of the restaurant, headed to an emergency. When he got into the restaurant to pick up his meal, he saw something that made him take pause.

He snapped a photo and posted it on Facebook and added commentary that was spot-on.

When Favaloro entered the restaurant, he saw an empty table that held two hot, steaming plates of food that were, seemingly, untouched.

As he says in his commentary:

Tonight, while parking to pick up food, 2 firefighters rushed out the door to an emergency... As they sped off, I walked into the restaurant and noticed 2 dinners on the table.

As I am reading his comments, my mind keeps seeing the image of those plates of food at an otherwise empty table.

We often think of the sacrifices our first responders make for the sake of our safety and protection, from missing time with their loved ones to putting their lives on the line for the good of others and everything in between, but this is different.

It's rare that a simple image, paired with a simple commentary on that image, can bring the "feeling" of sacrifice home for me, but this one did it.

These 2 firefighters (probably very hungry) didn’t try to stuff it down and then go. Didn’t wait for a to-go box. They just left the food untouched and rushed out the door.

The call came in, and they answered. No hesitation. No questions. No grab-and-go; just "go!".

Favaloro's commentary continues:

I’ve always respected the sacrifice police, firefighters, and all 1st responders give to our community. These are the little sacrifices that nobody sees.

"The little sacrifices that nobody sees." Those "little" sacrifices all add up.

I was sitting at my kitchen counter when I heard the sirens this evening and, as I always do, I thought, "I hope everyone is okay, and I hope those guys stay safe". I could tell by the sound of the sirens that it was firetrucks, and the timing works out, so I am assuming that it was the same call those 2 guys went out on.

I understand that being a first responder calls for a special kind of person. Some people say that it's a calling, others claim that it's "in the blood". Whatever the cause, I'm glad there's no cure.

George Favaloro, thank you for posting this image and providing such a simple, moving commentary. It helps me appreciate our first responders even more.

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