When we experience weather like we have this past week, there are many people, first responders, who work hard to keep us safe. One of those agencies is the Louisiana State Police.

This video shows some of the conditions that we all faced over this past week. For most of us, we were able to hunker down at home. Some of us, though, are charged with the safety of others. Local, parish, and state agencies are tasked with keeping us safe. They are tasked with heading out into dangerous situations to save us from those same elements.

We realize that the video features the Louisiana State Police, but we'd like to take a moment to thank ALL of the agencies who have been out there in the cold, wet, miserable conditions to keep us safe. THANK YOU FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO!


I once asked a Louisiana State Trooper what we could do that thank them for what they do, and his answer was simple: "Don't do anything that requires you to need me. If there are warnings issued, heed them. Don't venture out in adverse conditions. The safer you are, the safer we are."

Remember, our first responders have families, too, and those families heave a sigh of relief each time their hero walks in the door.

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