When it comes to emergency preparedness, it takes a team effort among those responding to calls and situations.

Police, firefighters, and first responders can make a difference in life-or-death situations and how quickly they respond is key.

So, how prepared are we in Louisiana to address a disaster? It turns out that Louisiana is best prepared in the country for addressing disasters. Sure, it can be because we've had to address many natural disasters in recent years, but the number of first responders separates Louisiana from the rest of the country.

Rainbow Restoration collected data and found that Louisiana has the most first responders per capita than anyone in the United States, According to their data, Louisiana stands out as the state where the ratio is an impressive 67 first responders per 10,000 people.

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When it comes to police officers, the study by Rainbow Restoration found Louisiana also emerges as a frontrunner in police officer density, with 37 officers per 10,000 people. This figure well surpasses the national average of 24.

These statistics should reassure those in Louisiana that in the event of a disaster, help is on the way and that the state is well-equipped to address any situation that may arise.

As for firefighters, New Hampshire and Massachusetts lead the country with 21 firefighters per 10,000 people, so if we are lacking in any category it's in the number of firefighters in Louisiana. Perhaps that is why so many volunteer organizations are asking for more people to participate in firefighting.

New Study Finds Alarming Drop In Firefighters' Response Time
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In all, first responders are so important to communities, and while some states lack the number needed to serve and protect lives, Louisiana seems to be the most prepared to address unfortunate situations in the country.

While we hope we never have to rely on our first responders in Louisiana, it is reassuring knowing that we have so many here willing to respond when we may need them most.

To read more on this study, click HERE.

Rainbow Restoration
Rainbow Restoration

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