I was driving through Youngsville yesterday and came across this home with a fence that was decorated for summer.

A group of friends, Harper, Peyton, Sawyer, and Mark all helped ring in the summer by using chalk to decorate the fence.

The home is on Chemin Metairie at the Shady Pines subdivision, and it is no stranger to having its fence decorated.

Photo by Bree Alleman
Photo by Bree Alleman

I spoke with the homeowner, Bree, and she said that the kids started decorating the fence during the quarantine. It not only gave them something to do, but it helped them express their artistic side and, hopefully, gave passersby a smile. She said that the kids were bored during quarantine, so she got them outside and had them draw what they missed most about not being in school.

The first time they decorated the fence, it was about friends and sports and school and life in general. Then, after it rained, they drew something else. The drawings usually matched the season: baseball, soccer, etc. This one is to commemorate the last day of school.

Summer doesn't officially start until June 20th, but I have no problem with these kids celebrating early: as a kid, Summer officially began on the last day of school!

Some of the comments on the Facebook post included "Love it", "So cute!", and, the one that was directed at the homeowner stated, simply: "Best. Mom. Ever." It looks like people are appreciating the fence, and the message of joy it gives.

Bree likes the fact that the kids enjoy it, it's something that the family can do together, and people seem to like the decorations.

It certainly did put a smile on my face as I drove by.

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